1. "My general outlook regarding the privacy debate and online advertising is largely liberal. I generally do not mind if my data is tracked, recorded, sold, or used to supply me with more relevant coupons and ads. As a young adult in the field of Journalism, Mass Communication, and Strategic Communications, I really support the compliance of Internet users to accept the innovations and techniques that technology continuously brings, whether related to behavioral targeting, advertising, or unrelated to interactive media strategies at all. I also believe that the content a user posts to the web is one of their own responsibility, and that one should accept any repercussions or unwanted outcomes due that action (that is one of their own choice). I think I first started forming these opinions on privacy and personal data online when I began my Twitter account. At times when I would tweet something, later I would find myself cringing and struggling to go back and delete embarrassing content or things that I didn’t think represented who I am. Now, 1,511 tweets later, five years into a Facebook account, the creation and upkeep of a blogspot.com account, tumblr account, linkedin account, and countless other services that collect my personal data, I have largely succumb to the ebb and flow of Internet personal insecurities and look to my physical self-actualization for reassurance. Aside from my own personal online data philosophy, I also hold an opinion regarding the arguments and persepctives of stakeholders like the IAB, AAF, EPIC, CDD, FTC, FCC, congress, Facebook, and Google — but this is about me. So….."
    — me
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